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British Horse Society Coaching Endorsement Criteria

In line with the new assessment criteria for the British Horse Society Career Pathways we are pleased to announce services that will allow candidates to receive training or Coaching Endorsements prior to attending assessment days.
Our team of staff are highly qualified and experienced in training and assessing and can support you through learning and developing skills in preparation for the assessment or if you feel you are of the level we are qualified to assess you and sign your skills record if you reach the required standard within our assessment. During the assessment phase of the skills record we will provide the correct horses and equipment, assess throughout the activities and provide clear and relevant feedback which will be beneficial for both career development and the assessment day.


To book any of the above sessions or to discuss your requirements please contact the office. When attending the sessions please bring your own hat and suitable yard attire along with your Equine Excellence Skills Record book.

It is not a compulsory requirement of the stage 1 assessment that you have your skills record signed off by an accredited professional coach, however we offer 2 hour assessment packages where if you feel you are ready to be assessed we can work through the practical skills record and give feedback and guidance in preparation for your assessment. We recommend this for those that feel they are of the level but may need some support to understand what to expect on the assessment day. Feedback in reference to practical ability, theoretical knowledge, safety and required industry speed will be given.

At stage 2 level it is a compulsory phase of your assessment that your skills record has been endorsed by a qualified coach prior to the assessment day. For skills record endorsement we recommend that you contact us with plenty of time prior to your assessment day. This service is recommended for those that have worked up to the assessment criteria and are confident in their abilities to achieve the required level. Training packages for those less confident or experienced can be found separately. Below are prices and timeframes for completing skills record observations.

Loading and Bathing (1hr) £35. Compulsory for Skills record

Lungeing (1hr) £35. This will include practical equipment fitting and practical lungeing Compulsory for skills record.

Riding (1hr) £35. This will include an assessment of all of the criteria involved within the stage 2 ride section including riding on the flat, over fences, within a group and outside an arena on undulating terrain Compulsory for skills record.

Care . (3hrs) £100. You will be provided with all of the equipment and horses necessary for you to work through the care section. Discussions and where appropriate, practical sessions will take place on fittening, feeding, application of stable bandages, basic anatomy, feet maintenance, plaiting and first aid. Full feedback will be given on each area. This is suitable to give you an insight into how the assessment is structured. It is not intended to be training however full feedback will be given and ongoing support will be offered throughout. Recommended but not compulsory for your skills record.

Teaching (3hr) £100. You will be assessed during a lunge, lead rein, integrated class and stable management session. Compulsory for skills record.
Please be aware that none of the above are formal training sessions. You will be supplied with all of the required horses, equipment and riders (if relevant) and will be assessed in accordance with the skills record. Our coaches will sign off the skills record if they are confident that you are of the level required. Full feedback will be given. The skills are assessed in a friendly low key manor however we must be confident in your abilities before we sign off the skills book.

Specific training for any of the areas of assessments can be arranged at a cost of £35 per hour.

Care (2hr) £70. You will be assessed using the criteria within the care section of your skills record. All relevant horses and equipment will be provided. Compulsory for skills record.

Clip and Lunge (1 hr) £35. You will be provided with a horse and relevant equipment suitable for the level to lunge. Followed by a horse and equipment for clipping. Compulsory for skills record.

Ride (dressage) (1hr) £35. You will be provided with 2 horses to work with on the flat. Compulsory for skills record.

Teaching. You will be provided with horses and riders to the level of each required observation. Each observation will last for 1hr and will involve clear evaluation of content, delivery and feedback. The cost of each lesson observation is £35.

Experienced coach observation can be organised. You will have the opportunity to join our Stage 5 Performance Coach (3* event rider) during one of her cross- country training clinics. The cost is £25 and full discussion and feedback will be done throughout.

Please be aware that this service will be offered at cross country training areas within an hours commute of Parbold Equestrian Centre.

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